What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a primary health care based on scientific principles that our body is a self-healing individual. It is a drug-free, hands-on therapy which looks at the relationship between the structure or alignment of our spine and the function of our nervous system that has an influence on our health.

Our spinal nerves supply to tissues, muscles, organs and all living cells in the body. When there are interferences on the nerves, it will affect the function of our body and our immune system. A common interference to the nervous system is our vertebrae (the body of the spine). When there is loss of normal motion, it can irritate the nerves or impair the function of our nervous system, subsequently influencing the nerve impulses.

Chiropractors aim to reduce these irritations and to restore the nervous system primarily through chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments can be done manually by hand or by using low-force techniques or equipment. Chiropractic adjustments are usually pain-free, gentle and often followed by a “click” or “pop”. This noise is created when gas fills the partial space created when the joints are slightly separated.

Adjustments are safe for all ages and we are professionally trained to identify scenarios of health conditions where adjustments are not advised.

When the neurological circuits have integrity, your body works as it was designed.

Techniques / Modalities Used

Diversified, Active Release Technique, SOT, Activator, Flexion-Distraction, Drop
Table, Extremities Adjustment
Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Kinesio Taping